#249 The Truth about Glyphosate, the Microbiome, & The Future of Food with Ronnie Landis

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#249 The Truth about Glyphosate, the Microbiome, & The Future of Food with Ronnie Landis
The Red Tea Detox

Ronnie Landis talks to us today about our gut microbiome and how glyphosate, an herbicide, dramatically affects our health by negatively impacting out gut. What You’ll Learn Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about: How mental clarity, neurotransmitters and hormones are affected by the …

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5 dry shampoos to make your blowout last

Detox Your Life
5 dry shampoos to make your blowout last
The Red Tea Detox

innersense, refresh dry shampoo, the detox market

Innersense Refresh Dry Shampoo

This innovative foam to powder formula uses tapioca starch and witch hazel to absorb excess oil and add an instant lift.

zabana essentials, dry tinted shampoo, the detox market

Zabana Essentials Soothing & Refreshing Dry Tinted Shampoo

Toss this tinted blend in your bag for an on-the-go root refresh. Made with absorbent clays and scalp-soothing lavender.

kaia naturals, the takesumi detox, overnight dry shampoo, the detox market

Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo

Talk about beauty sleep! Two shades of detoxifying charcoal combat oil, odor, and sweat while you catch your z’s so you can wake up ready to go.

rahua, voluminous dry shampoo, the detox market

Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo

A perfect little pick me up—this volumizing dry shampoo adds a little extra bounce to your tresses, and leaves a subtle scent of palo santo.

little barn apothecary, flowers + pink clay dry shampoo, the detox market

Little Barn Apothecary Flower + Pink Clay Dry Shampoo

If you can’t weave actual flowers through your hair, this pink clay and rice starch powder scented with wild harvested blooms is the next best thing.


Shop all natural dry shampoos.

Shop in Canada.

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Weight Loss Instant Pot Recipes (and Meal Plan!)

Weight Loss Instant Pot Recipes (and Meal Plan!)
The Red Tea DetoxIf you’re looking to lose weight, or would simply like some meal plan guidance to make your busy week a little easier, I’ve got just ...The Red Tea Detox

summer berry crumble

Detox Your Life
summer berry crumble
The Red Tea Detox

I like making crumbles because they are quicker and easier than making pies or tarts, but taste incredible. No dough-making required! I made the crumb topping completely gluten-free in this crumble, using coconut flour, hazelnut flour and oat flour instead. I think it actually tastes better than regular wheat flour. This recipe makes a large portion, simply cut it in half and use a smaller baking dish if making for less people. I like to pair this toasty, jammy crumble with coconut-based vanilla ice cream. The flavours pair magically together!

Blueberries, strawberries, and cherries are richly pigmented and excellent skin-supportive foods. They have even been recommended as nutraceuticals, a term used to describe medicinally or nutritionally functional foods.

• High in fibre and phytonutrients
• Fantastic source of the following antioxidants:
• Flavonoids: luteolin, rutin, myricetin, quercetin and catechins (amongst others)
• Anthocyanidins: malvidin-3-galactoside, malvidin-3-glucoside, and cyanidin
Phenolic Acids: gallic acid, vanillic acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, ellagic acid, and
cinnamic acid, polyphenols
• Melatonin – found in sweet and tart cherries – helps regulate sleep
Vitamin C – a precursor to collagen formation

• May alleviate cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s and other aging conditions
• Suppression of harmful free radicals
• Helps maintain healthy blood flow
• Helps maintain healthy skin
• Helps scavenge chemically generated radicals in body
• Decreased oxidative stress and decreased inflammation in body



Makes 12-14 servings



2 pints blueberries 1 1/2 cups pitted cherries, halved 24 oz strawberries, hulled and diced 2 teaspoons lemon extract 1/2 cup cane sugar or coconut sugar Zest from 1 organic orange Unsalted grass-fed butter for ramekins or baking dish


2/3 cup hazelnut flour (ground hazelnuts) 2/3 cup oat flour 2/3 cup coconut flour 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1 cup packed light brown sugar 140g raw nuts, coarsely chopped (walnuts, almonds or shelled pistachios work great) 2/3 cup gluten-free rolled oats 3/4 cup (170g) unsalted grass-fed butter, diced, at room temperature

*Optional Ice cream or frozen yogurt to serve


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Butter one 9-inch x 14-inch baking dish. Set aside.

Combine all fruit filling ingredients into a large bowl. Toss to coat fruit. Let it sit at room temperature to macerate for 30 minutes.

Combine all crumble ingredients except butter into a medium bowl. Whisk to combine.

Add butter and mix the crumble using clean hands until a wet sandlike texture is formed and butter is evenly dispersed.

Add fruit to baking dish with a slotted spoon. For a jammier texture, add a couple of spoonfuls of juice; for a juicer, loose texture, add all the juice. Top with crumble.

Place in oven and bake for 30-35 minutes or until fruit is bubbling and top is golden.

Allow crumble to cool for 5 minutes and then serve with ice cream.


For more, follow Talia on Instagram at @taliachai.

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Dairy-Free Cashew Cheesecake

Dairy-Free Cashew Cheesecake
The Red Tea Detoxcashew cheesecake with blueberriesThis dairy-free cheesecake is surprisingly creamy, featuring a blended cashew filling that's packed with a sneaky serving of vegetables.The Red Tea Detox

Easy Zucchini Oatmeal

Easy Zucchini Oatmeal
The Red Tea Detoxzucchini oatmeal in a white bowlThis easy oatmeal tastes like zucchini bread in a bowl. It’s packs a healthy dose of vegetables into each bite, and is a properly combined way to enjoy oatmeal for breakfast.The Red Tea Detox

facial gua sha: a step-by-step guide

Detox Your Life
facial gua sha: a step-by-step guide
The Red Tea Detox

The benefits of Gua Sha facial massage extend to our skin’s health as well. Specifically, consistent facial Gua Sha leads to improved blood flow, better lymphatic drainage, and relaxed facial muscles, which promotes significant improvements in the health and appearance of our face, including:

improved hydration levels fewer breakouts reduced puffiness softening of fine lines

Recently, Odacité Skincare launched their very own Crystal Contour Gua Sha tool, which is hand-carved from natural rose quartz stone. In this video, I show you my facial Gua Sha routine using this tool, demonstrating exactly how I place it on my neck and face for optimal results. This is by far the most effective skin care tool I have tried so far, which makes my skin look visibly healthier after each treatment.

To prep the skin before the massage, I press a few drops of Vital Glow Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate onto damp skin (after spritzing a hydrating mist, like my favorite one by MUN called Anarose toner). Your skin should feel well moisturized and cushiony before using the Gua Sha, so the tool can glide on without any harsh tugging.

I hope you enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below if you have any questions.



Discover more beauty and wellness tips from Lilly on her website www.genuineglow.com or on Instagram @lillygenuineglow.

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21DSD Testimonial: It’s infinitely easier to walk past all the sweets in my office.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo
21DSD Testimonial: It’s infinitely easier to walk past all the sweets in my office.
The Red Tea Detox

Hey Folks! We're excited to introduce Kristin A., a 21DSD alum. Kristen's testimonial is part of a series featuring participants who rocked their 21DSDs! Enjoy! – Diane and Team

Quick-fire facts

Level completed: Level 3

Favorite thing about the program: The information presented in the guide. It's given in small, easy-to-digest doses and comes at the perfect time. I got excited learned and often read ahead, but would re-read on that day as well just to remind myself of the lessons. I needed to learn them.

Favorite 21DSD recipe: Granny Smith Apple Crumble

Awesome benefits I experienced:

Sugar & carb cravings diminished or eliminated Change in palate/tastes Improved energy levels Improved skin health Improved digestion

Any non-scale victories?

It's infinitely easier to walk past all the sweets in my office. When I indulge, it's purposeful (socially when out with friends, when I truly want it, etc.) and not just a cookie stuffed into my mouth at my desk on a stressful day.

Did you have any outside support?

I worked with 21-Day Sugar Detox Certified Coach Naomi Nakamura, and she was absolutely fantastic! In my own words

Before my first detox, my typical morning meal was gluten-free cereal with store bought almond milk or overnight oats, also with that same store-bought almond milk. In the office I was always stealing cookies from lunch meetings or pieces of whatever baked good someone was trying to get rid of in the company cafe. The idea of giving up these things nearly brought me to tears, but for health reasons, I absolutely had to. And the change in how I felt (less bloating, less gastrointestinal distress, etc.) was so immediate that it became easy faster than I might have expected.

I still love my sweets (I love to bake, always have and always will), but I'm 100% happy with making 21DSD-approved not-sweet treats. I've now made it a goal to come up with chocolate chip cookies that have no sugar in them. How? No idea, but I don't need the sugar.

My second detox came about because I bought the new guide largely for the recipes, but as I started reading it, I realized there was more work I needed to do. Not necessarily to control my cravings, but to learn how to not be crazy about my diet now either.

I used the second time around to focus on building my plate in a way that worked for me, playing with the amount of carbs (I came to fear the carb a little bit in my first round and experienced some serious fatigue as a result). By the end of the second round I began to understand what my plate needed to look like.

I'm looking forward to reintroducing foods slowly this time (the first time was right before the holidays, so the reintroduction didn't really happen) and seeing how my body reacts.

This program is life changing, truly, and I am so thankful for it and the community.

Do you have a 21DSD testimonial that you'd like to share? Head over to the Submit Your Results page and let us know how you rocked your 21DSD!

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#248 Changing your Brain and Fighting Depression with Exercise with Tyson James Lee

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#248 Changing your Brain and Fighting Depression with Exercise with Tyson James Lee
The Red Tea Detox

Tyson James Lee talks to us about his own personal relationship with fitness and depression, as well as strategies for altering your brain chemistry with your exercise routine. What You’ll Learn Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about: The latest research on how exercise …

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eye care masterclass

Detox Your Life
eye care masterclass
The Red Tea Detox

Eye creams can feel a bit like a marketing scam—a tiny pot of special cream for a very specific area of your face that must be dabbed on with the utmost care—but there are three legitimate reasons for eye cream. First, the skin around the eyes is thinner, more sensitive, and more absorbent. The skin on your face can typically handle a greater percentage of active ingredients. If your face moisturizer is simple and hydrating, you can absolutely take it up onto the eye area, but if it has more potent ingredients or essential oils, steer clear. Second, you produce very little oil around the eyes and begin losing collagen around the age of 27 (or sooner if you’ve had a lot of environmental damage). This is why fine lines show up here first. Some smile lines are inevitable (and beautiful!), but keeping this area well hydrated can prevent premature wrinkles.

Finally, our eye area has unique concerns like darkness, puffiness, fine lines, and loss of firmness. While there are no miracle workers, certain ingredients applied regularly can make an impact. There are a lot of other factors that have an affect on your eye area—lack of sleep, diet (hello salt!), allergies, and most important, genetics. In addition to a targeted eye treatment, make sure you drink plenty of water, get your sleep, be gentle when you apply and remove your eye makeup, and lastly, wear sunglasses outside, even when it’s overcast—this will go a long way to shield the eye area from UVA and UVB rays that accelerate aging and pigmentation.



Conventional eye treatments are typically based on dimethicone, mineral oil, PEGs, and propylene glycol to give them a slippery, soft feeling. Fragrance is often added, as well as thickening agents because people tend to equate a rich texture with higher quality. When you have a formula with a base of petrolatum fillers, any active ingredients lingering at the bottom of the list are going to have a very difficult time actually penetrating and making a difference.

Natural eye treatments are based on ingredients sourced from potent plants including flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, and algaes that each work to target a variety of eye concerns.



Eye treatments can either be a cream, gel, or oil texture in small jars, pumps, or rollerballs. You should absolutely consider your texture preference, and also think about what your actual concerns are—dryness, puffiness, darkness, wrinkle prevention, etc. Most eye products multitask, but work on one thing particularly well.



Everyone has heard you should use your ring finger, but it’s actually a myth that it’s your weakest finger (that would be your pinkie). Regardless of which finger you use, the key word is gentle. Also, less is more. Take a tiny amount, usually the size of a grain of rice, of your product of choice, and tap onto the orbital bone (this is actually several bones that cradle your eye area above your cheekbone and all the way around to your brow). The product will warm up, sink in, and travel closer to your eye on its own. Most natural products can safely be used on your eyelid, too, but I would reserve this for evenings only, especially if you wear eye makeup. The other important thing is consistency. An eye cream is not a magic wand. If you want to move the needle at all, apply religiously AM and PM every day to see results.



maya chia, the eye achiever, the detox market, eye care masterclass

Maya Chia The Eye Achiever

This concentrated eye serum is nutrient dense and packed with super-antioxidants including macro and micro marine extracts and supercritical chia seed oil to revitalize, firm, and increase the resiliency of the eye contour. The oil is delivered via a cooling roller ball and sinks in quickly. It’s especially lovely for anyone with dry, tired, or dull under eyes.

tata harper, restorative eye creme, the detox market, eye care masterclass

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme

This silky cream formula boasts 26 actives including Spanish lavender to promotes the release of Beta-endorphin, a neuropeptide that responds to stress and can aid in muscle relaxation delivering a gentle botox-like effect, as well as borage oil to calm inflammation and repair. The smooth satin finish is fantastic under concealer.

lina hanson, global treasures, the detox market, eye care masterclass

Lina Hanson Global Treasures

Featuring anti-inflammatory matcha, collagen stimulating pearl, brightening 24 karat gold, and coffee for darkness and puffiness, this salve-like balm is a decadent treat for the eyes. Anyone can use it, but mature skin types will enjoy the nourishing texture. It can also be used on the neck and face.

skin owl, eye+, the detox market, eye care masterclass

SkinOwl Eye+

With a cooling, jelly texture, this eye treatment is heaven for puffy, fatigued eyes. Aloe, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and licorice smooth and soften while being very lightweight. For an extra soothing treat, keep it in your fridge. You can also apply it as a thicker eye mask in the mornings to really wake up the eye area, then tissue off any excess.

pai, echium & argan gentle eye cream, the detox market, eye care masterclass

Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream

For sensitive, easily irritated eyes this gentle, lightweight cream deeply hydrates, soothes inflammation, and plumps fine lines. Unique ratios of omegas 3 and 6 from the echium flower regenerate and protect the eye area. The alcohol-free formula is housed in a sterile pump for ease of use.


Shop eye treatments.

Shop eye treatments in Canada.

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Le Red Tea Detox - Le Detox au Thé Rouge

Le Red Tea Detox est un programme de nettoyage flambant neuf qui détoxifie le corps et libère des kilos rapidement et en toute sécurité . Il permet à quiconque de perdre 14 livres en quelques semaines.
Basé sur plus de dix années de recherche couvrant plus de 500 études médicales ainsi que près de trois ans de tests en conditions réelles, ce programme a les résultats - et la science - nécessaires pour le sauvegarder.
Liz Swann Miller, créatrice de The Red Tea Detox , est l’auteur à six reprises la plus vendue avec plus de 10 ans d’expérience en tant que naturopathe (ND).
Elle a découvert la recette unique de ce thé énergisant, le fondement du programme, lors de ses voyages au cœur de l’Afrique. Et le meilleur de tous, les ingrédients sont si communs qu'ils peuvent être trouvés dans presque tous les magasins.
Reproduit ici pour la première fois dans le monde occidental, The Red Tea Detox transmet la recette de ce thé incroyable sous la forme d'un produit entièrement numérique, le rendant disponible instantanément aux clients.
Ce livre complet est divisé en trois sections différentes:
Régime alimentaire: Cette partie de The Red Tea Detox souligne l'importance de détoxifier le corps avant les efforts de perte de poids, pourquoi les toxines peuvent retenir votre métabolisme et les avantages globaux d'un système nettoyé au thé rouge pour le corps et l'esprit. De plus, il décrit en détail les aliments riches en énergie qui peuvent vous aider à brûler les graisses plus rapidement que jamais.
Exercice: La section des exercices est conçue pour compléter la partie diététique de The Red Tea Detox . Il consiste en une variété d'exercices suralimentés qui aideront à faire fondre la graisse corporelle encore plus rapidement. Associées au régime stimulant le métabolisme, ces routines rapides et efficaces ont le potentiel de presque doubler les résultats de perte de poids.
Volonté, motivation et mentalité: cette troisième partie explore certains des mythes les plus courants sur la volonté et la manière dont la compréhension des réalités sous-jacentes de la motivation peut révolutionner votre perte de poids et votre vie. C'est une partie essentielle de ce programme et, pour beaucoup, cela les a aidés à perdre du poids rapidement et à le garder pour de bon .
Ces trois éléments combinés créent l’un des programmes de désintoxication les plus complets et les plus faciles à utiliser à ce jour. Les gens du monde entier l'utilisent déjà pour perdre du poids rapidement et facilement, tout en vivant une vie plus saine et plus heureuse.
The Red Tea Detox

meet the maker: tata harper

Detox Your Life
meet the maker: tata harper
The Red Tea Detox

On a whirlwind tour of personal appearances and events, Tata Harper visited the West Hollywood Detox Market to host an unapologetically lavish skincare masterclass to a room packed with devotees. Each attendee went through an in-depth regimen with their own signature green train case, pink gingham headband, and handheld mirror. Once everyone was fresh, glowing, and had a chance to meet with Tata for personalized recommendations, we had a moment to chat.

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

I grew up in Barranquilla, which is a coastal town in Colombia. It’s the epitome of Latin culture. You know, it’s by the water, everybody’s dancing, super happy, minimal clothing. [laughing] And people are obsessed with beauty. Beauty is not seen as a chore or as a luxury, but as a way of pampering yourself. It’s a self-care ritual. That’s how my family introduced it to me, and that’s how I’ve embraced it my whole life. I feel so lucky to have been born there because it really reinforced beauty that’s not so much about how you look, but how you feel. How it makes you feel when you’re at your vanity with your creams and doing your ritual before you go out at night.

When do you first remember learning these beauty rituals?

I was really close to my grandmother, and she used to host in her house almost every Saturday like a spa day. In the morning she would wake up, and I would help her prepare all sorts of concoctions that we would use. She would have manis, pedis, blowouts—the most crazy affair. And we would scrub and do hair things.

And would she have friends come, too?

And family! Mainly family like my sisters, my cousins, my aunts. We come from a huge family. That was really early on that I was helping her. I was 7 or 8 when I started. But then when you grow up you are not necessarily appreciating that anymore, and no one is necessarily having the time to do homemade things. But you still embrace the whole concept of cleansing, toning, serum—all that stuff. It’s just deeply ingrained.

Tell me about your wake-up call to go more natural. Were you using more traditional brands before?

Yes, I was doing the very traditional brands before. It was really when my stepfather got diagnosed with cancer. I never thought that accompanying him to see doctors and go through his treatment was going to change the course of my life. You know, I was doing something completely different. But going with him I realized how much little choices you make everyday affect your health and your well being. I’ve always paid a lot of attention to myself and used things that I considered good for me. So when I really started reevaluating everything—from food to cleaning products to beauty products—that was my big wake-up call.




Did the doctors educate you on that?

Yeah, they would alert him more about specific parabens and phenoxyethanol, but then I just got addicted to googling what was in everything. You’re like, “Oh. This is the ingredient we use for machines.” I’m actually an engineer and I know about a lot about industrial ingredients, and then you’re like, “Whoa, why is that in this product?” It was so shocking.

I think we trust that someone is regulating that.

And no one is. That’s the problem.

Why do you think this resonated so deeply to make such a big shift?

Well you know, it was the first time that we had cancer in the family. When you have an incident like that…it’s very close to home now. With all of these modern diseases you realize you better take a more precautionary approach. I don’t want to be in complete ignorance using all of this stuff for 20 years without knowing what it leads to. And really it’s this quest for well-being and for trying to be the best version of myself. Nowadays the life span is really long. We all want to live until we’re 100, and we want to live until we’re 100 with health, and hiking, and traveling, and not battling a disease.

At what moment did you realize you wanted to create your own brand? When was the lightbulb moment?

I think after searching high and low. You know, first the obvious places were a lot of supermarkets like Whole Foods. That’s where natural beauty was at the time. I wasn’t able to find anything there that really replaced what I was doing. Then I started going to beauty stores, department stores, and just realizing the products that I was looking for didn’t exist, and I couldn’t believe it.  

When was this happening?


And then when did you end up launching? What was the process?


So it’s 5 years later.

It took 5 years just to formulate the products.

And you mentioned that you have an engineering background. Did you feel like you had an entrepreneurial spirit?

All my life. My mom has always been a big entrepreneur, and she has always supported us. Like, “Oh you wanna go to Europe? You wanna go to that course in France and learn about champagne? Ok! You need to come to my office. And you’re in charge of these things. And you need to handle them.” When I was really young, I loved to work. When I was in high school I had a fashion company. I thought that I was going to be a fashion designer. In 10th, 11th, and 12th grade—those three years—I used to go with a friend of mine to the US to buy fabric. We had a person there that would do our patterns, and we would design and create really limited editions of a lot of fashion stuff.

That’s so fun! That does not surprise me. You’re very stylish.

[laughs] Thank you.

So over those 5 years with formulating, is that something you felt confident doing on your own or did you collaborate with labs?

Oh no. I had no idea where to begin. I really had to collaborate with a lot of experts to make this line. And I didn’t want it to just be about me and what I could produce on my farm and just be like, hippie cream. There was just tons of hippie cream. The point was not to do another hippie line. It was to do high-performance, high-quality, world-class, 100% pure skincare. So it really required a lot of collaboration. A lot of scientists helping me make this happen.




Tell me about your farm How does that come into play? What happens at the farm?

The farm is the place where everything happens. It’s in Vermont, near Middlebury. In the gardens we grow and harvest five different herbs: borage for a multivitamin effect, arnica for inflammation, calendula for soothing, meadowsweet for cellular turnover, and alfalfa for oxygenation. With those five herbs we make an ingredient called the Estate Grown Beauty Complex that covers all of the basics for skincare. We put that ingredient in all of the products, but then on top of that we bring ingredients from all over the world. We bring ingredients from 58 countries at the moment. All those ingredients arrive to our farm, and in the farm we’re in charge of making the product. Every single month.

Your labs are actually there?

Yeah exactly. And our production facility. And our formulations—all of that. It’s all there.

And you live there, too?

Yes! With my kids.

And you have 11 dogs?

13 now, actually.

Why is the Tata Harper range different? What defines it?

That’s a great question because with so many natural lines, or lines claiming to be natural, people think that natural is all the same. And I’m like, “Well, is all synthetic all the same? Would you compare Nivea to La Prairie?” No. They’re all synthetic, but they’re not all the same. So one of the things that is really unique about us is the fact that we are what we call “fully loaded.” If you want a product that gives you multiple results and has multiple ingredients that are working for your skin all simultaneously, that’s when you buy us. I feel that there’s a big trend happening right now especially with natural skin care that it’s more about like, simplistic beauty. You know, it’s simple, it’s clean—we are not that. We’re the opposite of that. For us more is more. More ingredients equals more results in skin care. And really that’s one of the biggest things that sets us apart. When you buy one of our products you get multiple results from that formula. And the ingredients that are in that product are actually working to make your skin beautiful. Also our products are super fresh. Not a lot of brands can say that they make their products, and that by the time that they get to their clients they’re super fresh and alive and really, really active. That’s one of the reasons why we overcomplicate ourselves. We’ve been vertically integrated, and we didn’t decide to take the easy route like everybody else.


What does that mean—vertically integrated?

Vertically integrated means that you do everything, you know? You don’t outsource. That you receive, you produce, you fill, you package, you ship. You know, everything happens in house.

That sounds like a lot of work.

That is a lot of work!

And your company is growing tremendously. What keeps you grounded?

Meditation. A meditation practice is big for me. It’s just 20 minutes I do at any point. And also exercising. When I’m traveling I typically go running for an hour. But when I’m home I do a lot of circuit training.

Where is your favorite place to unplug? Or do you ever unplug fully?

I unplug a lot in nature. I’ve become really addicted to being surrounded by nature. If I’m feeling very stressed I typically take a little break and I go into the woods. I love walking in the woods. And also being around my three kids de-stresses me a lot.

Where would you like to see the beauty industry in the future?

Well I am 100% convinced that the future is green. That natural is not a trend, that it’s a movement. It’s fueled by customers wanting better things and really supporting companies that elevate their quality of life and that makes them live better. I believe we are a byproduct of that. We exist because of this big wellness movement that’s happening not just here in the US. It’s happening around the world. We are just trying to make better decisions for ourselves, for our families, for our kids. That’s what this is all about.


Shop all Tata Harper Skincare, here.

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The Red Tea Detox

Cauliflower Steak “Pizza”

Cauliflower Steak “Pizza”
The Red Tea Detoxcauliflower steak pizzasIf you love cauliflower pizza crust, but don't love the labor that goes into it, this alternative is for you. Cauliflower "steaks" are roasted to tender perfection, then topped with your favorite pizza toppings for a low-carb and properly combined meal.The Red Tea Detox

Blueberry Detox Smoothie

Blueberry Detox Smoothie
The Red Tea Detoxblueberry detox smoothie with bowl of frozen blueberriesThis smoothie is loaded with ingredients to help support your body's natural detox organs, including wild blueberries, avocado, and fresh cilantro. It's surprisingly delicious!The Red Tea Detox

strawberry soda with antioxidant ice cubes

Detox Your Life
strawberry soda with antioxidant ice cubes
The Red Tea Detox

What really makes this soda special are the ice cubes. These ice cubes contain three servings of The Beauty Chef’s Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost. Make them on repeat to have on hand as boosters to your water!


14 species of probiotics including those from the species of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces Lactobacillus metabolites – produced by a lacto-fermentation process, research shows these compounds may have immune-boosting benefits Bio-fermented papaya – rich in beauty nutrients including antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins A, B and C, carotene, magnesium, potassium and plant proteolytic enzymes to help you digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats for optimal nutrient absorption Bio-fermented pomegranate – packed with natural antioxidants, folic acid, vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, iron, ellagic acid to help prevent collagen breakdown and punicic acid to strengthen your skin and stimulate cell regeneration Bio-fermented green tea – a natural antioxidant rich in anti-inflammatory catechins and polyphenols to boost your skin health and overall wellbeing Vitamin E – an antioxidant that neutralizes oxidative damage from free radicals to help prevent cellular ageing, dry skin and collagen breakdown


Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Paleo

Serves: 4



3 Tbsp (45 ml) Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef 1 1/2 cups water

In a bowl, combine water and Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost. Stir. Pour mixture into 1-2 clean ice cube trays and freeze overnight.


Zest from 2 limes ~2 teaspoons Juice from 2 limes ~1/3 cup 1 cup frozen organic strawberries 750 ml bottle sparkling water, divided

Place lime zest, lime juice, strawberries and 1 cup of sparkling water in blender. Blend on high until smooth. Pour into glasses. Add Antioxidant ice cubes. Top off with remaining sparkling water. Serve while chilled.


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august gemstone of the month: peridot

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august gemstone of the month: peridot
The Red Tea DetoxIt’s not easy being green.
– Kermit the Frog


Many historians now believe that Cleopatra’s famous collection of emeralds were actually peridots… and the awe inspiring 200 carat emeralds that are encrusted in the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the Cologne Cathedral? They were also found to be peridots. Even the Bible gives the shaft to the poor peridot. In Exodus 28:17, instructions for making a priestly and holy breastplate, “Thou shalt set in it settings of stones, even four rows of stones: the first row shall be a sardius, a topaz, and a carbuncle: this shall be the first row.” Research now indicates that the “topaz” referred to in ancient times was actually the gem commonly called chrysolite (the mineral name for peridot).




Peridot may not be as prized as emerald, but it’s just as beautiful and I believe it’s metaphysical properties are more valuable for the “self”. The emerald is often used to revive passion in another or attract things to you that you don’t have, while the peridot teaches one to understand that holding onto people or the past is counterproductive to one’s growth. It also helps us to realize our own charm, value and warmth. Because of this, it’s a great stone for uncovering and stepping into our own power. I use it in my Confidence + Stability bracelet.





Thanks to its green color, it activates the heart chakra and helps rebalance and clear emotional blockages. Because of this and its ability to help let go of people, behaviors or conditions that no longer serve the self, it is considered a “cleansing stone”.  All stones that remove unwanted energy (and there are quite a few) need to be cleansed on a monthly basis under running water for a few seconds. As for recharging, peridot likes to be recharged under the light of the full moon.


Learn more at gemremedy.com.

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brows that wow: 5 products for flawless brows

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brows that wow: 5 products for flawless brows
The Red Tea Detoxecobrow, eyebrow defining wax, the detox market EcoBrow Eyebrow Defining Wax

This waxy formula is smudge-proof, but blends easily for smooth application. Buildable color allows for a subtle or bold look.

plume, nourish & define brow pomade, the detox market

Plume Nourish & Define Brow Pomade

Enriched with a brow enhancing serum, this pomade not only fills in sparse areas, it also encourages the growth and health of brows.

alima pure, natural definition brow pencil, the detox market

Alima Pure Natural Definition Brow Pencil

Use fine strokes to mimic brow hairs and fill in gaps. This pencil comes in three shades and lasts all day.

lily lolo, eyebrow duo, the detox market

Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo

This powder creates a soft matte look with just enough pigment, while the clear pomade seals and smooths.

zuzu luxe, clear mascara, the detox market

Zuzu Mascara in Clear

Sweep this clear mascara through brows to groom the hair and add a bit of hold, or use as a final step after filling in to define and plump.

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