meet the maker: moon juice

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meet the maker: moon juice
The Red Tea DetoxWhat inspired you to start Moon Juice and give it this name?

Moon Juice was born from my own imbalances and the amazement I experienced from the transformative power of raw medicinal foods. The moon is the most powerful, natural force, and the name just felt right. It’s been exciting to see how it resonates with so many people.

I created Moon Juice for people interested in a new way of living.  Not where you have to erase your past, but where you are fueled by excitement to help yourself live better. I’m obsessed with feeling my best and discovering the greatest plants on the planet, and Moon Juice is an expression of my intention to bring this goodness and beauty into people’s lives.

What are adaptogens and their benefits?

Adaptogens are herbs and botanicals that naturally protect the body from the harmful and adverse effects of stress by stimulating our immune system and enhancing our general well-being. They are superherbs and supershrooms that help your body find homeostasis—a state of balance. Adaptogens really do drain the body of any stress chemistry, which affects how the mind and body function It’s quite incredible to see adaptogens at work with their anti-depressive, anti-fatigue and neuroprotective properties, balancing our moods and supporting our physical and mental endurance.


“I created Moon Juice for people interested in a new way of living.  Not where you have to erase your past, but where you are fueled by excitement to help yourself live better.”


Tell me more about Moon Juice Dusts.

We call our adaptogenic blends “dust.” We have six herbal supplement dust blends:

1. Beauty Dust

A powerful broad spectrum antioxidant that helps protect cells from free-radical damage, preserves collagen protein in the body and enhances elasticity of the skin.

2. Brain Dust

Helps enhance focus and mental stamina, promote mental clarity and concentration as well as a positive mind and mood, and alleviate the effects of stress and tension.

3. Sex Dust

Supports the body during stress and helps the body increase resistance to fatigue. It provides energy, vitality and well-being, and combats non-specific loss of vigor associated with aging. It’s also been used since ancient times to support male reproductive health.

4. Spirit Dust

Enhances feelings of emotional well-being and helps increase resistance to stress, tension and irritability. It also improves mood and promotes a calm, relaxed state of mind.

5. Dream Dust

Helps to alleviate the effects of stress and tension, and promotes restful sleep.

6. Power Dust 

Boosts energy and reduces fatigue, helps restore and sustain energy levels, and supports healthy cardiovascular function.

How do you personally like to get your dusts in?

I like to add them to hot water with a splash of milk, stir them into my butter coffee, and blend them into my smoothies.


Shop Moon Juice.

Browse Thoughtfully Mag.

Originally printed in The Detox Market x Thoughtfully Mag Spring Lookbook

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#244 What Blocks Detox Pathways with Warren Phillips & Dr. Shayne Morris

Myers Detox
#244 What Blocks Detox Pathways with Warren Phillips & Dr. Shayne Morris
The Red Tea Detox

Dr. Shayne Morris and Warren Phillips talk to us about detox pathways, as well as some exciting new detox projects in the pipeline! What You’ll Learn Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about: Detox pathways Different types of binders you can use to clear …

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lilly’s tips for oily skin

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lilly’s tips for oily skin
The Red Tea DetoxSKIN CARE Keep Your Skin Clean, But Don’t Strip It

Believe it or not, the oil (sebum) that makes our skin look shiny in that non-flattering way has good, protective purposes—lubricating and waterproofing the skin. Problems only arise when the sebaceous glands overproduce it. This can lead not only to greasy-looking skin, but also clogged pores (gunked-up with sebum and dead skin cells) and consequently, to breakouts.

Cleansing your skin twice a day (morning and evening) can help to keep the skin less shiny and prevent those breakouts. It is crucial, however, that you use a cleanser that is non-drying and non-irritating. Most people with oily skin tend to reach out for foaming cleansers (that may contain harsh surfactants) promising the feeling of squeaky-clean skin, but this can give only a temporary sense of relief. The reason why it is temporary is the sebaceous glands tend to overproduce oil to compensate when the skin is left dry. 

Protect the Barrier

Additionally, a harsh cleanser can disrupt the acid mantle in such a way that the skin is left vulnerable to inflammation and infection. The acid mantle, also called skin barrier, is an acidic film that covers our skin that is made of natural secretions, including sebum. This mantle discourages the growth of pathogens like fungi and bacteria, and therefore helps to prevent breakouts and inflammation. The mantle also helps to break down excess sebum. It’s a like a beautiful orchestra that works to keep your skin healthy in such a way that all these secretions play an important role. When the barrier is compromised, oil production is triggered.

Double Cleanse at Night

While cleansing once in the morning is sufficient, in the evening you should double cleanse—given that you are a diligent sunscreen user, and potentially makeup wearer as well. The first cleanse should be done with a product that can effectively, but gently, break down all sunscreen/makeup, such as an oil cleanser. The second cleanse should be performed with a non-stripping, emulsifying cleanser. The second cleanse ensures that all residue has been properly removed, so that no sunscreen, makeup, or oil cleanser traces are left on the skin—preventing the risk of clogging your pores.


Lilly genuine glow, tips for oily skin, the detox market



When choosing an oil cleanser, it is best to avoid those that do not emulsify and do not rinse off easily. Here are a couple of oil cleansers that work best for a first cleanse.

Oil Cleansers for Oily Skin: Maya Chia The Great Cleanse Nourishing Supercritical Cleansing Oil

This formula contains soothing botanicals, including two different types of chamomile, and other herbal ingredients that calm the skin and nourish it, while dissolving all makeup effortlessly. It rinses off clear leaving no film behind.

One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil

In addition to breaking down makeup easily, this oil cleanser contains mild exfoliating ingredients that help to dissolve dead skin cells and reveal fresh skin. It is also delicately scented like a delicious tropical cocktail.

Cleansers for Oily Skin: Odacité Black Mint Cleanser

This cleanser contains charcoal and clay to absorb excess oil, and it includes tea tree and peppermint oil for their astringent properties. With a mild, non-stripping lathering, it gives a satisfying cleanse without irritating the skin. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and comfortable. It is best suited for a morning cleanse and a second cleanse after makeup removal.



The most important thing to do when choosing a toner for oily skin is to avoid irritating ingredients such as fragrance that can trigger excess oil production. It’s also important to opt instead for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, and for mildly exfoliating ingredients, such a willow bark extract, which is a natural source of BHAs. 

Toners for Oily Skin: MŪN Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner

This toner hydrates the skin with rose water, aloe juice, and hyaluronic acid, and exfoliates it gently with willow bark extract. It really suits all skin types, but it’s especially beneficial to balance a ‘slightly oily-to-oily’ complexion.

Odacité Mint+Green Tea Hydra-Purifying Treatment Mist

A simple formula that includes some essential, skin-loving ingredients: aloe to hydrate and soothe, peppermint to refresh, glycerin to keep the skin moisturized, willow bark to exfoliate, and green tea to protect and repair.


Lilly genuine glow, tips for oily skin, the detox market


Face Masks & Exfoliators

There are two other types of products that you should make a part of your skincare regimen: clay masks and mild chemical exfoliators.

Clay-based masks can be quite useful for oily skin because they can effectively absorb excess oil and provide a deep cleanse, which helps to prevent oil-triggered breakouts. They are especially helpful if you wear face makeup like foundation.

Chemical exfoliators are exfoliating agents that do not contain any scrubbing particles (those are called physical exfoliators), but instead exfoliate by dissolving dead skin cells. These include papaya and pineapple enzymes, which are found in many exfoliating face masks. They gently remove the most superficial layer of dead skin cells and help to prevent the build up that can lead to breakouts.

Face Masks for Oily Skin: MV Skincare Purifying & Balancing Mineral Face Mask

This is a simple and effective formula that includes superfine sun-dried green French clay and white French clay.

Synergie Immediate Skin Perfecting Masque

This face mask contains both clay and exfoliating agents, such as papaya enzymes and fruit enzymes for a deep cleanse that does not irritate the skin.

Face Oils for Oily Skin:

While you may not need to quit face oils, you want make sure to use one that is suitable for oily skin. Options like squalane, rosehip, and jojoba are considered more appropriate for oily skin due to their silky, non-greasy texture and a similar structure to the skin’s natural oil. Rather than using a serum with multiple oils in it, try: 

Indie Lee Squalane Oil  Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil MV Skincare Jojoba Oil

The way you apply your face oil can also make a difference. Pat only a few drops on your skin while it is still damp—less is more! You may also add a couple of drops of one of the Odacité Serum Concentrates for oily skin, like the Grapeseed-Grapefruit to help prevent oil-triggered breakouts.



Some sunscreens contain highly moisturizing ingredients that may be too heavy for oily skin. My favorite face sunscreen for oily skin is the Hynt Beauty Sun Prep SPF 25, which has a very light, almost mousse-like texture that does not leave the skin feeling greasy at all.


MAKEUP Use a Primer

Excess oil on the skin tends to break up foundation and other face makeup products, making them last significantly less on your skin. You may notice that a couple of hours after you apply your foundation it may start to separate in the areas where you are typically the shiniest. You may also notice that your blush starts to fade, or that your concealer around the nose starts to move.

The first thing you can try to do to prevent that is to apply a primer that is specifically formulated for oily skin, like the Sappho New Paradigm Primer for oily skin. It provides the right amount of moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin soft, and smoothes the skin to create the perfect canvas, while helping the makeup to last longer and better throughout the day.

Switch to a Mineral Powder Foundation

If your skin is very oily, powder foundation is going to be the best option to even out your complexion without adding extra oils and butters that may emphasize the shine. 

If you have very oily skin, and you prefer higher coverage, opt for the Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation. This simple, fragrance-free formula comes in a variety of shades and offers buildable coverage. If you have combination to oily skin, try the W3LL PEOPLE Altruist Mineral Foundation. This foundation contains hydrating ingredients, antioxidants, and helps to even out the skin tone without looking cakey. 


Lilly genuine glow, tips for oily skin, the detox market


Setting Powder is Your Best Friend

The quickest, most simple way to remove excess shine from the skin, besides blotting with a paper, is to use a setting powder with absorbing properties. 

My favorite is the RMS Beauty “Un” Powder, which contains only spherical-cut silica and nothing else. It is very effective at absorbing oil and keeping the skin shine free for many hours while leaving a soft, matte, velvety-like finish on the skin. It is available in both a translucent version and tinted shades as well that help to even out the complexion.

Please keep in mind that besides a genetic predisposition there are several medical conditions and medications that can trigger sebum overproduction. If you notice skin changes that concern you, including sudden oil overproduction, consult your medical doctor or dermatologist.


Shop Lilly’s oily skin collection.

Shop in Canada.


Discover more beauty and wellness tips from Lilly on her website or on Instagram @lillygenuineglow.

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Top 5 Supplements to Detox Mercury

Myers Detox
Top 5 Supplements to Detox Mercury
The Red Tea Detox

Everyone needs to take preventive steps to reduce their exposure mercury and safely remove it from their body. Mercury is an incredibly toxic heavy metal that is responsible for countless chronic health problems that are plaguing millions of people around the world. Here are the …

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Mediterranean Chickpea Mason Jar Salads

Mediterranean Chickpea Mason Jar Salads
The Red Tea Detoxmediterranean mason jar saads with chickpeasThese Mediterranean Mason Jar Salads are an easy and delicious make-ahead meal. I love how you can make 4 jars (or more!) all at once, ...The Red Tea Detox

21DSD Testimonial: “I’m sleeping like a baby!”

The 21-Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo
21DSD Testimonial: “I’m sleeping like a baby!”
The Red Tea Detox

Hey Folks! We're excited to introduce Melina M., a 21DSD alum. Melina's testimonial is part of a series featuring participants who rocked their 21DSDs! Enjoy! – Diane and Team

Quick-fire facts

Level completed: Level 1, then Level 2, now Level 3

Favorite thing about the program: That I am so much happier and my mood is stable!

Favorite 21DSD recipe: Homemade ketchup and Avo-Ziki

Awesome benefits I experienced:

Sugar & carb cravings diminished or eliminated Change in palate/tastes Change in overall lifestyle choices for the better Improved energy levels Improved sleep quality Improved mood and general outlook on life Improved/reduced symptoms of hormonal imbalances Improved skin health Improved digestion Weight loss (4lbs!)

Non-scale victories:

A lot of people tell me that I look slimmer!

Did you have any outside support?

21-Day Sugar Detox Official Facebook Page 21-Day Sugar Detox Official Instagram Page In my own words

I already eat very well, Paleo most of the time. But cutting out all sugar (especially this time on Level 3) was amazing! My hip pain that I had for so long diminished a lot, I'm sleeping like a baby (NO more snooze button for me!), and my workouts are way better. I can work out longer and more intense!

Do you have a 21DSD testimonial that you'd like to share? Head over to the Submit Your Results page and let us know how you rocked your 21DSD!

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ignite the fire within your solar plexus

Detox Your Life
ignite the fire within your solar plexus
The Red Tea Detox“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
– Joseph Campbell


As the summer months heat up, and energetic shifts are occurring, it’s bringing us back to the heat in our own body – our fire, our power. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below the sternum and above the navel. It is the distribution place of our energy. Represented by the color yellow, it symbolizes the heat and power within us, much like the sun. It is the ability to express your deepest self. To feel the power of your soul come to life.

Blocks are physically presented through digestive issues, fatigue, muscle spasms to name a few. Anger and shame are the most detrimental factors for the third chakra. Blocking anger and allowing shame to set in can create a downward spiral that lowers your vibration to a place of defeat, or what can feel like defeat. When experiencing these emotions it is so important to allow these things to be acknowledged and released. To minimize or ignore (or erupt) is our own way of self-sabotage. The truth that lies beneath all of that is what can release the limits we put on ourself and our power, and allow our true self to shine.  

When blocked, energy can build up and turn against ourself due to lack of expression. When deficient in this chakra, one can experience weakness or a sense of depletion and lack of self-discipline. When excessiveness sets in, acceptance from others is looked for and your focus can become obsessive, therefore being unproductive. To be open and active, set goals and a balance plan. Keep focus in the direction you wish you go.

Know you can accomplish anything your soul is destined for. Be conscious that every lesson is a part of your purpose. It is accepting the responsibility of your actions and being proactive with your efforts. Know that the universe is working with you to create a life you are dreaming of, even in the corners where doubt lies. Let go of fear and ignite a playful energy that helps you explore your aspirations and how to accomplish them.

solar plexus chakra, dayna saba, affirmations, the detox market

Element: Fire

Purpose: Personal Power & Energy

Color: Yellow

In Balance:
Positive Self-Esteem
Positive Ego

Lack of Energy
Digestive Issues

Basic Rights: To act and be an individual

The power is within you – to be yourself, in an open and free way. When experiencing signs of blockages in this chakra try these 3 ways to bring that balance back:


Heat up your power by heating up your body. Self-discpline and regular practice is not only good for your physical body but also your confidence. Include core exercises that target your upper abdominals.


Start by sitting up tall or standing, lengthening your core area up to your heart. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Imagine your belly fills up with air during the inhale and use your abdominal muscles to push the air out during the exhale. Start with three short, quick inhales and one loud exhale (yell if you have to – or imagine you’re breathing out fire). On the first inhale sweep your arms by your ears, on the exhale, sweeping your arms down by your sides, and one more inhale raising your arms. On the exhale let go of everything by forward folding sweeping your arms down by your ankles. It sounds a little something like – inhale, inhale, inhale, AHHHH.


Start small to think big! Make a list of goals you want to accomplish this week (maybe include 1 and 2 from above). It is important to set goals and have the will and discipline to keep on track and follow through with what you have envisioned.

Try these Detox products:

solar plexus chakra, bkr water bottles, the detox market

bkr – Water Bottle

Keep your water close while you spend some time exercising.

solar plexus chakra, moon juice, spirit dust, the detox market Moon Juice – Spirit Dust

Sprinkle a little Spirit Dust into your water.

solar plexus chakra, the beauty chef, cleanse, the detox market The Beauty Chef – Cleanse

Support a healthy digestive system.

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deodorant masterclass

Detox Your Life
deodorant masterclass
The Red Tea Detox

To start, let’s have a quick chat about the human microbiome. Every part of the human body lives in harmony with trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We’ve all learned it’s important to have healthy gut bacteria (shoutout to probiotics!), but did you know there’s a whole ecosystem topically on your skin keeping everything humming along? Everything is in a delicate balance.

What does this have to do with deodorant? So, your sweat is basically odorless. What makes it stinky is a specific type of bacteria it comes in contact with that thrives in pits that have been thrown out of whack by harsh soaps and cleansers, or other factors like stress, hormones, and diet. This bacteria interacts with sweat and produces thioalcohols that have a pungent, oniony aroma.



Conventional deodorants rely on a variety of ingredients—they basically wipe out all underarm bacteria (the good and the bad) with ingredients like triclosan, cover up unpleasant smells with synthetic fragrance and phthalates, provide softness with propylene glycol, and are preserved with estrogen mimicking parabens.

Antiperspirants take it a step further by using aluminum compounds (specifically aluminum chlorohydrate) that work by forming a chemical reaction with the water in sweat to form a physical plug. This is deposited in the sweat duct producing a blockage wherever you apply it.

Because the underarm area is packed with sweat glands and hormone receptors, there have been various studies researching whether conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are linked to serious health issues like Alzheimer’s disease or breast cancer. While the results are still being debated, experts do agree that using these products disturb our microbiome, which leaves us susceptible to more pathogens. There is ongoing research about the effects of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants.

Natural deodorants rely on a variety of clays, minerals, plants, and essential oils to absorb excess moisture and neutralize odor-causing bacteria. There is no such thing as an all-natural antiperspirant because it’s important to let your body sweat naturally. But remember, no funky bacteria, no funky smell! Once your body adjusts, natural deodorants can you keep you fresh and keep wetness to a minimum.



Switching to natural deodorant can feel daunting. It’s common for people to try a natural deodorant for a few days, feel super smelly and extra sweaty, and give up. When you’ve been using conventional products for years, your glands and pores are clogged, and the microbiome is out of balance. It can take a few weeks to detox your pits and normalize.

During the transition we recommend keeping your underarms extra clean with something purifying like a charcoal soap bar, or a detox kit, wearing natural fiber clothing for breathability, and eating clean. It can take 2-5 weeks, but we promise it’s worth it.



Because body chemistry is so personal, unfortunately your best friend’s favorite natural deodorant might not work for you. Once you get through the initial detox period, sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error before you find your holy grail formula.


Many of the original natural deodorants are creams in jars. You can have a softer, more spreadable formula in a jar, and just a small amount is needed. Just apply a pea-sized dot to clean pits post-shower.


In recent years, more formulas have become available in a stick form. These are great for on-the-go application. The textures vary greatly brand to brand.


Some formulas come in a spray or roll-on. These deodorants are more lightweight, and might be a good choice if you want something totally clear.



A key ingredient in a lot of natural deodorants is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), because it is extremely effective. While many people are fine with this, a small number of people may be sensitive to it. If you aren’t sure, we advise doing a patch test before using all over. A wash of apple cider vinegar before application may help. If not, we advise using a baking soda-free formula.  Some sensitivities take a week or more to surface, and may manifest as dryness or itchiness. Luckily, there are plenty of baking soda free options to choose from (see the deodorant shopping guide below).

You can also decrease sensitivity by shaving your armpits the night before applying deodorant. Freshly shaved armpits are more sensitive in general.


DEODORANTS WE LOVEdeodorant masterclass, the detox market, soapwalla, original deodorant cream Soapwalla Original Deodorant Cream

This cult-favorite cream is popular for a reason—it works. A little goes a long way to ensure lasting moisture absorption.

deodorant masterclass, kaia naturals, takesumi bamboo charcoal deodorant, the detox market

Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Lime Mint (charcoal)

Bamboo charcoal, or “takesumi” in Japanese, powers this silky gel stick that works to absorb odors and impurities.

deodorant masterclass, meow meow tweet, baking soda free deodorant stick, the detox market

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Rose Geranium Deodorant (baking soda free)

Are you a little extra sensitive? Skip the baking soda and swipe on this gentle formula. Bonus: the paper tube is totally biodegradable.

deodorant masterclass, vapour, aer next-level deodorant, the detox market

Vapour AER Next-Level Deodorant Lavender Myrrh (gel)

This concentrated gel-to-powder deo is delivered in a convenient click-up tube, and goes on lightweight and breathable.

erbaviva, jasmine & grapefruit deodorant, deodorant masterclass, the detox market

Erbaviva Jasmine Grapefruit Organic Deodorant (spray)

Organic grain alcohol is infused with bacteria-fighting essential oils in this refreshing deodorant  that doubles as a yoga mat spray.




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Crispy Air Fryer French Fries

Crispy Air Fryer French Fries
The Red Tea Detoxair fryer french fries with ketchupWould you believe that I bought an air fryer for the sole purpose of making CRISPY french fries? Because I did. And on my very ...The Red Tea Detox

#243 Estrogen Toxicity and its Interrelationships with SIBO, GI Dysfunction and Chemical Sensitivity with Julie Donaldson

Myers Detox
#243 Estrogen Toxicity and its Interrelationships with SIBO, GI Dysfunction and Chemical Sensitivity with Julie Donaldson
The Red Tea Detox

Julie Donaldson talks to us this week about estrogen toxicity and how it can be a major disruptor in achieving optimal wellness. What You’ll Learn Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about: The sources of estrogen toxicity Testing for estrogen toxicity and hormone imbalances …

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iced moringa latte

Detox Your Life
iced moringa latte
The Red Tea Detox

The moringa tree is native to regions near and around the Himalayan mountains. It thrives on little water in areas of drought, making it an optimal plant for hotter, drier climates. In countries like India and The Philippines, moringa leaves are used as a natural preservative in foods, most likely because of the high antioxidant content. Moringa oleifera has been used for hundreds of years both medicinally and as food.

You can buy moringa leaves ground into a powder, just like matcha powder. It looks like matcha, smells somewhat like matcha (just a tad more pungent) and dissolves nicely with water. It has a slightly bitter, grassy flavour, which the raw honey balances out nicely.

This latté is incredibly easy to make. It’s a great summer sipper, giving you a dose of nutrients and antioxidants that blend nicely with the creamy almond milk and touch of honey.


A good source of calcium, potassium and iron. Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which plays a role in collagen synthesis High in protein Contains the flavonoids kaempferol and quercetin, which has been shown to inhibit histamine release from mast cells Caffeine-free

*Note: Moringa has not been cleared for pregnancy yet, so do not consume if pregnant.


Dairy-free, vegan-optional, gluten-free

Serves: 2


2 tsp moringa powder 2 teaspoons raw honey or to taste (or stevia, maple syrup, coconut sugar) 1/4 cup hot (not boiling) water ice 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

Place moringa, sweetener and hot water in bowl. Whisk until smooth. Fill up 2 glasses with ice. Pour 3/4 cup almond milk in each glass. Pour moringa mixture on top, dividing between each glass. Mix and enjoy!

For more, follow Talia on Instagram and sign up for her free newsletter.

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Elimination Diet: Week 3 Recap

Elimination Diet: Week 3 Recap
The Red Tea Detoxchickpeas in a white bowlI’m officially done! I made it a full 3 weeks avoiding gluten, dairy, peanuts, corn, soy, and an assortment of other foods that showed up ...The Red Tea Detox

My Kids’ Natural Bath Routine

My Kids’ Natural Bath Routine
The Red Tea Detoxpure baby oil into handsThis post is sponsored by Morrocco Method When it comes to my kids, I’m always looking for the most natural products I can find. When ...The Red Tea Detox

Instant Pot Lentil Soup (Vegan)

Instant Pot Lentil Soup (Vegan)
The Red Tea DetoxInstant Pot lentil soup in a white bowlThis hearty Lentil Soup makes an easy vegan lunch or dinner. It’s packed to the brim with veggies, and cooks in only 10 minutes when ...The Red Tea Detox

bon voyage: 5 essentials for your vacation or staycation

Detox Your Life
bon voyage: 5 essentials for your vacation or staycation
The Red Tea Detox

leahlani skincare, bless beauty balm, the detox market

Leahlani Skincare Bless Beauty Balm

Every time you use this lush pink balm it’s like a tropical getaway—radiant skin included.

kosas, color & light, tropic equinox, the detox market

Kosas Color & Light Creme Blush and Highlighter in Tropic Equinox

A warm sun-kissed glow is at your fingertips with this creamy bronze duo.

captain blankenship, mermaid sea salt hair spray, the detox market

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

Organic aloe and sea kelp add softness to this salt spray for breezy beach waves.

mahalo skin care, vacation glow, the detox market

Mahalo Vacation Glow Body and Hair Elixir

This nourishing oil is literally liquid gold. Apply head to toe for luminous hydration.

babo botanicals, lip tint conditioner spf 15, crimson rose, the detox market

Babo Botanicals Lip Tint SPF 15 in Crimson Rose

Sheer, juicy color and broad-spectrum sun protection in just one swipe.


Shop the collection.

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Healthy Coffee Smoothie (Dairy-free!)

Healthy Coffee Smoothie (Dairy-free!)
The Red Tea Detoxcoffee smoothie two glassesThis creamy Coffee Smoothie tastes like a fancy coffee shop drink, without the refined sugar or dairy. It’s paleo and vegan friendly, and can be ...The Red Tea Detox

Elimination Diet: Week 2 Recap

Elimination Diet: Week 2 Recap
The Red Tea Detoxquinoa in the Instant potI’m officially two weeks into my elimination diet! Things are going relatively smoothly, but I’m still missing dairy. No substitute is quite the same– especially ...The Red Tea Detox

Outsmart The WADA Authorities

Hair Follicle Detox Methods
Outsmart The WADA Authorities
The Red Tea Detox

You can now outsmart the WADA authorities by using a technique that removes all traces of drugs from your body before you go for a drug test. You might be wondering that there is nothing new about it, as remnants of drugs do not remain in the system if you stop taking them a fortnight before the test date, and drink lots of water, which helps to flush out the toxins in your body when you urinate. Some athletes also use fake urine to pass the drug test successfully. However, you might find yourself in a dilemma if you purchase fake urine from unreliable sources and the consistency of the fluid make by mixing the powder with water does not match the specific gravity, temperature, and color of human urine.

If this is not enough, certain drugs remain in the system for more than 15 days. You can depend on “drug test kits” to ascertain whether your urine contains traces of drugs and take detoxifying agents to remove them from your system. However, this detoxification process takes time and will not work if you try it a couple of days prior to the test. However, there is no reason for you to be overjoyed if your urine sample tests negative, as WADA has started using advanced techniques to detect the presence of drugs in the human body. Nowadays, they pluck a couple of hairs from the scalp or chest of the athlete concerned and use it to conduct a hair follicle test, which is much more sensitive than urine tests. In addition, drug traces remain in the hair follicles up to 90 days after you have stopped taking drugs. Does this imply that you have to skip the drug test procedure because you are not sure whether you will successfully pass the hair follicle drug detection method? Do not worry as long as you have 15 days or so in hand before the drug text day.

Detox shampoos
Search online for detoxification shampoos. You will find many online stores offering them for sale. Ensure that you purchase the shampoo from a reliable online shop. Apply this shampoo on your scalp and rub the same vigorously so that the shampoo penetrates inside your scalp and reaches the root of your hair. Once it does so, it will remove all traces of toxic substances from your hair follicles. Repeat this procedure for a minimum of 15 days for the best results. If you have doubts regarding which store to purchase detox shampoo from, click here to visit an online site selling the best detoxification shampoo.

The Red Tea Detox

Passing A Drug Test

Hair Follicle Detox Methods
Passing A Drug Test
The Red Tea Detox

It is necessary to pass a drug test. If you fail a pre-employment drug test, you will not get a job. Failing a random drug test can lead to suspension or job loss.

An employee who fails a drug test for the first time will get a warning letter. Failing for the second or third time will lead to firing.

Just Avoid Drugs

The easiest way to pass a drug test is to avoid drugs. Using drugs does not have any benefit. Actually, it has many disadvantages. First, it affects health. Secondly, it costs a lot of money. Drug abuse is an expensive habit.

Drug use when at a campus is simply experimentation. Most young people like to experiment. However, for an employed person, drug use does not make any sense. Employees should avoid drugs for the sake of career progress.

Drug abuse will leave you with little time for doing work-related activities. You will be smoking weed and drinking alcohol during your free time. Binge drinking will leave you with a hangover. This might make you fail to attend work or to have lower productivity at work.

You should totally avoid dangerous drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Marijuana is a gateway drug. It leads to other addictions. If you have to consume alcohol, you should limit your consumption.

Detox Your Body before a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Finding a job is important. You need a job so that to attain financial independence. Everyone needs money.

You will not find any job if you fail drug tests. Nowadays, many employers normally have a drug-testing program.

Before undergoing a drug test, you need to detox your body. If a hair follicle test will happen, you should use an aloe rid shampoo during the detoxification period. This will remove drug metabolites from your hair.

A hair follicle test will involve removing a patch of your hair and testing it. For this test to be done, you need to have long hair. Alternatively, a urine test will happen. This will involve testing a urine sample.

Detoxifying for a urine test involves having a healthy diet the period before the test. You need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food. You should also drink at least one liter of water in a day. Exercising should be part of the detoxification process. Aerobic exercises are the best since they will make you sweat. When you sweat, drug metabolites expel from your body.

The Bottom-Line

Passing a drug test keeps you employed. An employer can undertake a drug test if there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is abusing drugs.

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