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deodorant masterclass

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deodorant masterclass
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To start, let’s have a quick chat about the human microbiome. Every part of the human body lives in harmony with trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We’ve all learned it’s important to have healthy gut bacteria (shoutout to probiotics!), but did you know there’s a whole ecosystem topically on your skin keeping everything humming along? Everything is in a delicate balance.

What does this have to do with deodorant? So, your sweat is basically odorless. What makes it stinky is a specific type of bacteria it comes in contact with that thrives in pits that have been thrown out of whack by harsh soaps and cleansers, or other factors like stress, hormones, and diet. This bacteria interacts with sweat and produces thioalcohols that have a pungent, oniony aroma.



Conventional deodorants rely on a variety of ingredients—they basically wipe out all underarm bacteria (the good and the bad) with ingredients like triclosan, cover up unpleasant smells with synthetic fragrance and phthalates, provide softness with propylene glycol, and are preserved with estrogen mimicking parabens.

Antiperspirants take it a step further by using aluminum compounds (specifically aluminum chlorohydrate) that work by forming a chemical reaction with the water in sweat to form a physical plug. This is deposited in the sweat duct producing a blockage wherever you apply it.

Because the underarm area is packed with sweat glands and hormone receptors, there have been various studies researching whether conventional deodorants and antiperspirants are linked to serious health issues like Alzheimer’s disease or breast cancer. While the results are still being debated, experts do agree that using these products disturb our microbiome, which leaves us susceptible to more pathogens. There is ongoing research about the effects of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants.

Natural deodorants rely on a variety of clays, minerals, plants, and essential oils to absorb excess moisture and neutralize odor-causing bacteria. There is no such thing as an all-natural antiperspirant because it’s important to let your body sweat naturally. But remember, no funky bacteria, no funky smell! Once your body adjusts, natural deodorants can you keep you fresh and keep wetness to a minimum.



Switching to natural deodorant can feel daunting. It’s common for people to try a natural deodorant for a few days, feel super smelly and extra sweaty, and give up. When you’ve been using conventional products for years, your glands and pores are clogged, and the microbiome is out of balance. It can take a few weeks to detox your pits and normalize.

During the transition we recommend keeping your underarms extra clean with something purifying like a charcoal soap bar, or a detox kit, wearing natural fiber clothing for breathability, and eating clean. It can take 2-5 weeks, but we promise it’s worth it.



Because body chemistry is so personal, unfortunately your best friend’s favorite natural deodorant might not work for you. Once you get through the initial detox period, sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error before you find your holy grail formula.


Many of the original natural deodorants are creams in jars. You can have a softer, more spreadable formula in a jar, and just a small amount is needed. Just apply a pea-sized dot to clean pits post-shower.


In recent years, more formulas have become available in a stick form. These are great for on-the-go application. The textures vary greatly brand to brand.


Some formulas come in a spray or roll-on. These deodorants are more lightweight, and might be a good choice if you want something totally clear.



A key ingredient in a lot of natural deodorants is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), because it is extremely effective. While many people are fine with this, a small number of people may be sensitive to it. If you aren’t sure, we advise doing a patch test before using all over. A wash of apple cider vinegar before application may help. If not, we advise using a baking soda-free formula.  Some sensitivities take a week or more to surface, and may manifest as dryness or itchiness. Luckily, there are plenty of baking soda free options to choose from (see the deodorant shopping guide below).

You can also decrease sensitivity by shaving your armpits the night before applying deodorant. Freshly shaved armpits are more sensitive in general.


DEODORANTS WE LOVEdeodorant masterclass, the detox market, soapwalla, original deodorant cream Soapwalla Original Deodorant Cream

This cult-favorite cream is popular for a reason—it works. A little goes a long way to ensure lasting moisture absorption.

deodorant masterclass, kaia naturals, takesumi bamboo charcoal deodorant, the detox market

Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Lime Mint (charcoal)

Bamboo charcoal, or “takesumi” in Japanese, powers this silky gel stick that works to absorb odors and impurities.

deodorant masterclass, meow meow tweet, baking soda free deodorant stick, the detox market

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Rose Geranium Deodorant (baking soda free)

Are you a little extra sensitive? Skip the baking soda and swipe on this gentle formula. Bonus: the paper tube is totally biodegradable.

deodorant masterclass, vapour, aer next-level deodorant, the detox market

Vapour AER Next-Level Deodorant Lavender Myrrh (gel)

This concentrated gel-to-powder deo is delivered in a convenient click-up tube, and goes on lightweight and breathable.

erbaviva, jasmine & grapefruit deodorant, deodorant masterclass, the detox market

Erbaviva Jasmine Grapefruit Organic Deodorant (spray)

Organic grain alcohol is infused with bacteria-fighting essential oils in this refreshing deodorant  that doubles as a yoga mat spray.




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#243 Estrogen Toxicity and its Interrelationships with SIBO, GI Dysfunction and Chemical Sensitivity with Julie Donaldson

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#243 Estrogen Toxicity and its Interrelationships with SIBO, GI Dysfunction and Chemical Sensitivity with Julie Donaldson
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iced moringa latte

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iced moringa latte
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The moringa tree is native to regions near and around the Himalayan mountains. It thrives on little water in areas of drought, making it an optimal plant for hotter, drier climates. In countries like India and The Philippines, moringa leaves are used as a natural preservative in foods, most likely because of the high antioxidant content. Moringa oleifera has been used for hundreds of years both medicinally and as food.

You can buy moringa leaves ground into a powder, just like matcha powder. It looks like matcha, smells somewhat like matcha (just a tad more pungent) and dissolves nicely with water. It has a slightly bitter, grassy flavour, which the raw honey balances out nicely.

This latté is incredibly easy to make. It’s a great summer sipper, giving you a dose of nutrients and antioxidants that blend nicely with the creamy almond milk and touch of honey.


A good source of calcium, potassium and iron. Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which plays a role in collagen synthesis High in protein Contains the flavonoids kaempferol and quercetin, which has been shown to inhibit histamine release from mast cells Caffeine-free

*Note: Moringa has not been cleared for pregnancy yet, so do not consume if pregnant.


Dairy-free, vegan-optional, gluten-free

Serves: 2


2 tsp moringa powder 2 teaspoons raw honey or to taste (or stevia, maple syrup, coconut sugar) 1/4 cup hot (not boiling) water ice 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

Place moringa, sweetener and hot water in bowl. Whisk until smooth. Fill up 2 glasses with ice. Pour 3/4 cup almond milk in each glass. Pour moringa mixture on top, dividing between each glass. Mix and enjoy!

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deodorant masterclass

Detox Your Life deodorant masterclass To start, let’s have a quick chat about the human microbiome. Every part of the human body li...